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 OEMMEBI In today’s world, quality matters the most and has become the most essential demand of the public. Therefore, it is the choice of all wise man to make a perfect self with the best products. Yet, as early as 1978, its young founder had, based on his outstanding wisdom and talent, gained a keen insight into it, and had taken, since the first day he decided to devote himself to the fitness equipment industry, best quality as the principle ideal and promise in production. OEMMEBI high-end fitness equipment, a brand founded in Venice, Italy since 1978, has spent 40 years in the road of realizing its dream, working for refinement and perfection and safeguarding health.

With the development of economy and the pursuit of modern people on high-quality life, fitness has long been a fashionable and common way of leisure. How can fitness be more professional and comfortable? How people can really gain fun from fitness and love fitness? The founder knows that it is not that simple. There are various kinds of fitness equipment, venues and courses in the market. If one wants to win its place in the fierce market competition, it must provide products with excellent quality.

In a winter evening in 1985, the founder accidentally saw tons of waste fitness equipment that were piled up. Since then, he found the direction for breakthrough of the company’s development, that is to make high-end and durable fitness equipment. He intends to improve comfort through simple design, lengthen product life with strict control over raw material and win the heart of every fitness fan with professionalism. He thought of it, and he did so. He insisted on this principle for 40 years. Every link in the process, from material selection to overall design and assembly, is controlled by a professional person. Pure Italian professional design, refined craftsmanship and considerate customer service gradually make OEMMEBI brand a leader in the industry.
Change and perseverance start from the self.
It's our mission to make fitness your habit! This is the belief pursuit of fitness enterprises in the field. When the company carries out this belief, we will start from ourselves by changing and sticking to it.

Professional team
Every day, we are looking forward to a higher and farther future, constantly moving forward, doubling self-confidence. Teamwork is the guarantee of success, and focus makes us better. We have more than 40 years of experience. We are willing to take on new challenges and believe that tomorrow will be better.

High standard, high quality
We pursue the purpose of high quality, high quality and high efficiency. High quality is our pursuit and customer satisfaction is our commitment. Only by adhering to high standards and pursuing high quality can we have everything we have now.
Excellent leadership
With excellent leadership and perfect management system, every detail will be the other side of success.

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This area can be fully edited and gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself, your website, your products or services.
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